Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today I am thankful for eighteen years of the most wonderful sons. It was 18 years ago yesterday I brought them home from the hospital ~ so fresh from God ~ and I believed I was bringing them home to die. In that moment I knew I didn't want them to die in a hospital without anyone holding them so I brought them home and we assembled a mish-mash Thanksgiving meal (of store bought food, leftovers and I think Chinese food). I wonder if that is why, to this day, my boys (now men) do not like traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I guess I will never know, but I do know this ~ I have been blessed by them every single day of the last 18 years.

I am also thankful for the letter "P" as in Pizza, Popcorn, Pumpkin, Pecan and Peach Pie as we give the turkey a Pardon. (snickers at my own Pun) I am blessed to have sons (all three) that are so creative and resilient finding festive in the ordinary. Any day becomes a celebration when we can be together. We have been cooking and snacking all day just for enjoyment without the pressure of having to take off our slippers.

I am thankful for Gavin ~ my angel. Every day he delights me with his love and his gentleness. Today meant extra cuddling this morning, and laughter, followed by compliments (he thinks coffee breath smells good :/ but I am not going to argue with the extra kisses. Maybe it is the pumpkin spice creamer.
I am thankful for friends who also greeted me this morning and being able to share our lives together. I am thankful for the greetings every morning, and out of the blue. I am thankful that we can appreciate each others gifts, keep it real and keep laughing. I'd rather have laugh lines than worry furrows.

I am thankful for my father, though I have not seen him in over twenty years... I am confident he whispers in my ear while I sleep and shores up my character in moments I feel unsure. I am grateful for the man he quietly exemplified in my life every day, his allegiance and even his dedication to the ordinary because today I find such comfort in that routine. I am grateful for his courage and I still draw on that in moments when I feel afraid.

I am thankful for Tallulah, furry, destructive, mischievous, pouncy, clumsy, big-footed Lula~Oola~Tallulah. I am grateful that she reminds me that things are just that ~ things (after she eats them, tears them, breaks them and pees on them)... that I need to remember what has real value are beings and just being (the rest is just stuff ~ her stuff as it turns out).

I am thankful for my garden. I find such serenity in growing things, fussing over them and having them look pretty. Flowers in the fall are a lovely treat. I am grateful in this world that is so filled with cement that I can carve out a little piece of green and enjoy such beauty.

I am thankful for my community ~ in my neighborhood, in my town, in my network, in this greater population I have come to know called disability. I am grateful that I never have to feel alone that one of you is a keystroke away or just outside my door waving to me.

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